Delta Air Lines

“Sustainability is a core value at Delta.”

Why Delta's Promise to Connect the World Begins with Caring for It

Delta Air Lines is working to connect the world and that starts by making a difference in the communities where Delta people live, work and serve. This film examines the efforts Delta is making to be sustainable in a measurable way.

Behind the Scenes


GIL WEST, Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Delta Airlines

CHRISTINE BOUCHER, Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer, Delta Airlines

ASH DOHKTE, Director of Efficiency Improvement, Corporate Strategy team, Delta Airlines

LISA BAUER, Vice President, Onboard Service, Delta Airlines

MARIANO SUB CHEN, Cardamom Farmer, Los Zapotillo community

OSWALDO CALDERON, Izabal Regional Director, Fundaeco

MARIA MAGDALENA SHOC, Woman’s Leader, Los Laurele community

MARTHA JULIA TIU, Social Assistant and Health Clinic Technician, Fundaeco

Filmed on location in Atlanta, GA (USA) and Guatemala.

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