Throughout the production process, we know there are always challenges to overcome. Acumen Media is committed to identifying solutions, recognising the right story to tell, and representing them with accuracy and passion. Our priority is to persevere above logistical and bureaucratic issues, delivering content efficiently whilst problem-solving and retaining flexibility.


Our promise of high-quality content is seen in everything we create, from the equipment we use through to the training of our videographers. We support our in-house creative team in creating to the best of their abilities, championing both creativity and efficiency. The end product will not only be memorable, but will elevate industries and organisations to the intended audience.


Effectively communicating the ethos behind the stories is vital to what we do at Acumen. Using strong, purpose-driven narratives, we facilitate meaningful communication between organisations and stakeholders. Our intention is to drive discourse, with the belief that businesses are pertinent to a functioning society and have the ability to communicate with those they serve.


When it comes to businesses connecting with their audiences, we believe visual storytelling - and namely, videography - is a natural choice. But telling a story is not good enough, the “touch and feel” of that story needs to reflect the values of organisations and leaders. A crucial importance needs to be given to aesthetics and aesthetical choice for the creation of the film. The film needs to be perfect not just from a story point of view but also from a visual point of view.


Acumen Media takes it’s leadership role in the industry very seriously. As the largest B2B documentary producer in the world we understand our responsibility to keep sharing great stories with the world. It is our objective for societies to cherish and value the role played by the business community in our world and to appreciate their contribution in helping us to create a better world for all.

Our mission

Our mission is to facilitate and encourage dialogue between the defining leaders of today and the world at large. We strive to empower the global business community and social stakeholders to create a more collaborative, forward-thinking society.

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