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"Innovation is the key element that has driven the aerospace industry over the years and the decades, and it's going to play a critical role as we talk about colonising Mars and, ultimately, reaching out to the stars."

CU Aerospace: Developing Technologies for the Next Generation of Commercial Space

CU Aerospace is providing technologies that will help to keep space flight safe in the future. This film looks into how the company is working to innovate new technologies for this purpose, and into the CU Aerospace's work with students at the University of Illinois to develop the next generation of commercial space professionals.

Behind the Scenes


MICHAEL LEMBECK, Professor of Aerospace Engineering, University of Illinois

JULIA LAYSTROM-WOODARD, Senior Engineer, CU Aerospace

DAVID CARROLL, President, CU Aerospace

ERIC ALPINE, Graduate Student & Research Assistant, University of Illinois

Filmed on location in Illinois, USA.

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