Bitburger Brewery

“We brewers should not just look at sourcing these raw materials, but actually interact in the value chain with farmers and find solutions to make these raw materials more sustainable.”

Bitburger Brewery – Brewing the Future

Beer is one of the most popular drinks in the world. But the elaborate brewing process requires lots of natural resources, such as hops, barley, water and energy. That’s why Bitburger Brewery has dedicated itself to sustainability and is already one of the leaders in reducing carbon emissions in its industry. This film will explore the methods and values of this family-run company.

Behind the Scenes


JAN NIEWODNICZANSKI, CTO, 7th Generation Shareholder Family, Bitburger

ANDREAS DICK, Hop Farmer, 2nd Generation

DR. AZEL KÖLLE, Managing Director, ZNU

Filmed on location in Bitburger, Germany.

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